100% Mohair Riding Cinch with Stainless Steel Buckles

100% Mohair Riding Cinch with Stainless Steel Buckles
Item Number: WSA200
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Detailed Description

Our best-selling 17-strand cinch is finally available in soft and wicking 100% Mohair! Mohair offers the optimum combination of strength and softness ideal for the comfort of your horse. It breathes well, and wicks moisture better than any other fiber. The most durable of animal fibers (stronger than steel!) mohair is not damaged by twisting and bending, but has plenty of stretch to provide all-day comfort to your horse or mule.

The flat stainless steel buckles will not rub the horse or the underneath of your saddle leathers. The flat stainless steel center dees are woven in and reinforced with nylon webbing to prevent tearing out.

Due to the natural sheen of mohair, it sheds most dust, and is very easily cleaned. Shaking or brushing removes most dust and dirt from a 100% Mohair cinch. If the cinch becomes dirty due to absorbed sweat and dirt, simply rinse it under running water.

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