3 Piece Horse Grooming Kit | Curry Combs & Finishing Brush

3 Piece Horse Grooming Kit | Curry Combs & Finishing Brush
Item Number: WGS8898
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Detailed Description

Buy all three grooming essentials together in this horse brush kit and save an additional 10%!

Get your filthy horse sporting a show ring shine in no time with these curry combs and finishing brush:

  • Begin with the coarse curry comb to loosen mud, sweat, and hair. This will be your horse's favorite part; it also acts as a full body massage!
  • Next, get all the deep down dirt, finish pulling off the loose hair, and end the massage portion of the grooming with the fine curry comb.
  • Finally, give your horse a final head-to-tail shine with the soft finishing brush

Included in this horse grooming kit:

  • Soft finishing brush
    This brush has natural hog hair bristles that produce smooth and shiny hair . This is also ideal for use as a face brush. Measures approximately 9" x 3¼" with 1¼" long bristles.
  • Soft curry comb
    Flexible "fingers" that easily clean dirt and shedding hair make this fine curry comb ideal for finish grooming. Oval curry comb measures about 5" x 4".
  • Coarse curry comb
    Thick, coarse fingers easily loosen mud, dirt and hair, and massage the coat comfortably, even on sensitive areas. Our dogs love this curry comb too! Oval curry comb measures about 5" x 4".

All three products feature a comfortable rubber handle designed to provide easy control and fit all hand sizes well.

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