5 Star 100% Natural Mohair Pinstripe Cincha

5 Star 100% Natural Mohair Pinstripe Cincha
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Detailed Description

The 5 Star Mohair Cincha is hand tied using all-natural, therapeutic 100% mohair 8-ply cording. Comfortable, soft, and wicking, this 31-strand western cinch will give with your horse's movement. The center width of 8 1/2" will spread the pressure on your horse's abdomen and help keep your saddle from slipping forward or sideways. High quality, stainless steel flat D buckles will prevent galling or pinching and withstand years of use. Woven cinch center D-rings that have been secured by wrapping the nylon webbing in the same soft, natural mohair that is used on the rest of the cinch.
These look beautiful with 5 Star felt pads; the cording is dyed to match the black and chocolate brown felt.

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