5 Star 7/8 Thick 30" x 30" Self Contouring Pad

5 Star 7/8 Thick 30
Item Number: WSP099
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Detailed Description

The self contouring pad was specially designed with a space in the middle that will close more or less to conform to any wither height or back style the pad is placed on. It has a square skirt that measures 30" x 30". Available in: Natural, Black, Cinnamon Brown, Dark Chocolate. These pads are made to endure hard use while providing some pressure point relief, even heat and weight distribution, and impact absorption. The thick 100% wool felt wicks away moisture, cleans up eaily and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. This wool felt is manufactured to strict specifications, using the highest quality virgin wool (90%), blended with recombed wool (10%) which allows for the highest degree of protection and economic benefit. 5-6 oz wear leathers on topline and sides provide protection and durability. This pad also features gullet-hole airflow cooling to help prevent soring and lameness.

Five Star pads are contoured to fit the shape of your saddle horse from day one; there is very little or no breaking-in with these pads. They provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Pad Specifications

  • Square Skirt, 30 in x 30 in.
  • Thickness: 7/8"

Benefits of a 5 Star Wool Pad

  • Contoured, Conformed Fit
  • 20% Less Cinching Needed
  • All Natural, 100% Wool Felt with 40% MORE Virgin Wool than ANY other 100% Wool Pad
  • 3X More Compression Protection than Synthetic Neoprene Pads
  • Even Weight Distribution & Impact Absorption
  • 4X Greater Wicking Ability
  • Eliminates Heat Build-up
  • 2000+ Hours of Maximum Riding Protection
  • Soft & Durable, Easy Clean-up

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