5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak

5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak
Item Number: WSP201
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Detailed Description

5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak cleans, freshens, preserves and softens for superior cleaning. Clean your saddle pad with these simple steps: 1. Remove excess hair with a 5 Star Sponge or a rubber curry comb. 2. Spray5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner directly on underisde of saddle pad until it is completely wet. 3. Allow pad to sit for up to 30 minutes, then brush crust and hair away before rinsing well with a water hose, using gentle water pressure. Never use a pressure washer. Continue to rinse from the middle toward the outside edges until water runs clear.

To use as a soak, mix 6-8 oz of concnetrate per one gallon of warm water. Submerget the saddle pad and allow it to saok overnight (8-10 hours). Agitate periodically to work solution into pad fibers. Rinse under gentle water pressure and allow to air dry.

5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak is environmentally friendly and works great on 100% all-natural mohair cinches and breast collars as well. It can also be used on leather as a saddle soap. 24 oz bottle.

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