5 Star "Sunflower Trail Rider" Wool Saddle Pad

5 Star
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We firmly believe that you should buy the best horse saddle pad you can afford, as it is a huge contributor to your horse's comfort and well-being on the trail. We also prefer to use a 100% wool horse saddle pad when trail riding. When we saw these gorgeous wear leather and paired them with 5 Star's richly colored, 100% virgin wool, we knew we had something good. The wear leathers have a fun, vibrant sunflower pattern and are sewn onto 7/8" thick, 100% virgin wool felt that has been dyed a rich chocolate brown.

Handmade in the USA from the best 100% wool felt on the market. This square skirted 5 Star wool saddle pad is shaped to fit under today's trail saddles that have slightly dropped rigging and are contoured to have less leather under your leg. The pad's topline is contoured to naturally fit the curvature of the horse's spine and withers. The 7/8" thickness is ideal for trail and all-purpose riding. 5 Star's unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit, with up to 20% less cinching needed. The sunflower saddle pad is 32' wide, with your choice of a 28" or 30" length. We recommend that you choose the length approximately 2-3 inches longer than your saddle skirt.

Easy care: Simply rub soiled areas in a circular motion with the included 5 Star cleaning sponge, your fingers, or a soft rubber curry comb to remove horse hair and dirt. With reasonable care, pad will last 1500-2000 hours.

Washing is only necessary after 100+ hours of use or when pad is beginning to feel hard in pressure point zones (shoulder points & loin areas).

  • Avoid using soap, as you will risk leaving soap residue that might irritate the animal.
  • When washing, make every effort to wash pad from the center to outer edges in all directions. Simply hang or hold pad by gullet hole and begin rinsing from the center to outer edges of the pad. Rotate the pad as you rinse so that the dirty water flows outward to all the edges rather than just soaking into the pad.
  • NEVER LAY PAD FLAT AND RINSE, as it only drives dirt and sweat salts into the pad.
  • Use only enough water to dissolve sweat salts and dirt residue so that they will be carried away in rinse water.
  • Once rinsed clean, hang by gullet hole or lay naturally over a rail. DO NOT LAY PAD ON ITíS BACK TO DRY as it will stretch the leather and pull out the inner lacing.
  • After pad is dry, flex pad in the areas that have not softened. This will fluff and loosen the felt which restores optimum compression protection

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