8' Wall Tent Porch by Montana Canvas

8' Wall Tent Porch by Montana Canvas
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Detailed Description

Wall Tent Porches by Montana Canvas

A Wall Tent Porch from Montana Canvas can instantly add 10 feet of comfortable, screened-in living space to your wall tent. Use this extra room as an eating area or for storing your gear. It can be used for cooking by adding a stove jack. Or just separate your sleeping quarters from your living quarters. The front wall of the porch is completely screened and the back wall is completely open to better fit up against your wall tent.

Porches are added directly to the front of your Montana Canvas wall tent. They are secured by laying the 12 inch overlap over the roof of your wall tent and staking it out. Wall Tent Porches are crafted out of 10 oz Canvas, treated to resist mildew, retard flame and repel water. Meets the California Fire Marshall specifications. Weighs approximately 48 lbs.


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