Arctic Horse Insulated Riding Skirt

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Detailed Description

Introducing a piece of essential winter riding gear you will never regret owning: the gorgeous, incredibly warm, breathable, waterproof, easy to put on/off, insulated narrow Arctic Horse Riding Skirt! Haven't you always wished you could wrap a blanket around yourself while you ride and work out in the cold? These winter riding skirts will change your life, keeping you warm and dry on and off your horse. Wear over your riding breeches or jeans.

Why Arctic riding skirts work: Have you ever noticed that mittens are warmer than gloves? Well, Arctic Horse riding skirts are mittens for your legs. The Arctic Insulated Narrow Riding Skirt forms a warm insulated pocket around your legs and captures the combined total heat from your lower body AND your horse.

Anatomy of the Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt

  • 100% waterproof & breathable. None of this "water-resistant" mumbo-jumbo. Have you heard of anyone who wants to be dry for only a few hours of a storm? No. Waterproof means you won't get soaked no matter what.
  • Incredibly light & super warm with 6 ounces of the best synthetic insulation available (used by the US Military).
  • "Alaska-proof" The Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt has run the Iditarod, that's 1000 miles by dog sled in temps as cold as -50-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Rear zipper that unzips at the back to comfortably cover the rider (no quarter-sheet aspect).
  • Deep cozy fleece pockets. Our pockets are legendary for their coziness.
  • Mounting snaps hold the riding skirt up and open for hands-free mounting. No need to hold your riding skirt up to use it- these are built to work and ride in.
  • 2-way front zipper. You can adjust how open or closed the front opening is depending on weather and your preference.
  • Take on/off while mounted. No more getting off to change once you've warmed up.
  • Machine Wash & Dry. Get it disgusting and throw it in the washer and dryer, easy-peasy. You have enough things that are hard to clean (horse, saddle blankets, leather, children...)
  • Breakaway leg straps for fast or windy conditions.


To find your size, you must measure yourself before you order and choose your size based on your tape measurement (inches), preferably over the clothes you like to ride and work in. Do not order by your standard pant sizeYou might be a 4 in one store, and a 6 in another. Measure, measure, measure! A couple of things to consider when choosing your size and length:

  • These skirts are worn over your jeans/breeches. There is a built-in 2" stretch in the waistband (see the waist sizes below), however, you still want to measure over your riding/work clothes to get the best estimate of what size you'll need.
  • Will you tuck your coat into the waistband or leave it out?  Depending on how thick your coat is, your preference could change the size of skirt you need.
  • All skirts are 35" long, which works well for most women.







Waist (inches)






Closest Standard Size (US)







About Arctic Horse

All Arctic Horse products are handmade (and tested!) in Alaska. Arctic Horse Gear is woman owned and operated you are buying real women's gear developed for women by women, and they employ fellow Alaskans and source American-made materials whenever possible. Their seamstresses have skills that have been handed down to them through hundreds of years of cultural sewing.


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