Arctic Horse Long Tongass Rain Skirt

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Detailed Description

Ladies, forget Carhartts and chaps for your outdoor work and riding. A gorgeous alternative of exceptional quality has arrived! Introducing the Arctic Horse Long Tongass Rain Skirt, a beautiful, multi-season, waterproof riding skirt for your legs and saddle. Ride in it, kneel in it, roll it up, hike in it, do chores, run errands, this skirt is built to be used! And when you're finished working in it, hose the dirt off, and head into town, turning every head along the way. The Tongass women's rain skirt works and looks gorgeous, no matter what you or Mother Nature has planned!

Anatomy of the Tongass Waterproof Riding Skirt:

  • 100% waterproof, breathable shell (proven during multi-week trips in miserable pouring rain in Alaska!)
  • Lined with micro-fleece for warmth and comfort
  • Deep, cozy fleece pockets (need we say more?)
  • Snaps hold the skirt up and open for hands-free mounting
  • 2-way front zipper provides adjustment for weather and preference, while also allowing you to take the skirt on or off while in the saddle
  • Breakaway leg straps keep the skirt in place in fast or windy conditions
  • This skirt will keep you, your saddle, and your horse's back muscles warm and dry. Put it in your pack or tie in on your saddle to be prepared for whatever weather the trail has in store!

Why Should You Wear A Riding Skirt?

  • Have you ever noticed that mittens are warmer than gloves? Well, skirts are mittens for your legs.
  • Hypothermia is not just a winter risk. Even on a warm summer day, when the bad weather catches you outside, you need to be warm and dry to keep your body temperature in a safe range.
  • The Tongass Rain Riding Skirt forms a 100% waterproof breathable pocket around your legs and captures the combined total heat from your lower body AND your horse.
  • Layering a waterproof Tongass Rain Riding Skirt over pants gives you all the close contact your riding pants afford, with the warmth and dryness of a breathable shell on top.
  • You do still need pants of some sort, though… we get that question a lot. You'll have horribly chapped thighs if you don't.


To find your size, you must measure yourself before you order and choose your size based on your tape measurement (inches), preferably over the clothes you like to ride and work in. Do not order by your standard pant size. You might be a size 4 in one brand, and a 6 in another. Measure, measure, measure! A couple of things to consider when choosing your size and length:

  • These skirts are worn over your jeans/breeches. There is a built-in 2" stretch in the waistband (see the waist sizes below), however, you still want to measure over your riding/work clothes to get the best estimate of what size you'll need.
  • Will you tuck your coat into the waistband or leave it out? Depending on how thick your coat is, your preference could change the size of skirt you need.
  • All skirts are 35" long. This works well for almost all women.







Waist (inches)






Closest Standard Size (US)






About Arctic Horse

All Arctic Horse products are handmade (and tested!) in Alaska. Arctic Horse Gear is woman owned and operated – you are buying real women's gear developed for women by women, and they employ fellow Alaskans and source American-made materials whenever possible. Their seamstresses have skills that have been handed down to them through hundreds of years of cultural sewing.

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OMG! This is the best thing to happen to trail riding EVER! 9/5/2018
Ive worn this almost all year; I even took it on a summer trip and was happy to have it when the overnight temps dropped and I had to crawl out of my sleeping bag to make coffee. Ive been in snow, rain, sleet and hail, and this has kept me, my saddle, and my horse warm and dry for hours on the trail. The Arctic skirt is next on my Christmas wish list for the REALLY cold rides, but this was perfect for riding down to about 20 degrees.
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