Beta Biothane Nylon Buckle Rein, 5/8 X 8'

Beta Biothane Nylon Buckle Rein, 5/8 X 8'
Item Number: WTKB5883B
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Detailed Description

These 5/8" x 8' split reins have a wonderful feel in the hand. Beta webbing is very soft to the touch with excellent flexibility. In cold temperatures the flexibility of the webbing is excellent. It has a high hand tackiness which makes it very easy to grip. Reins have stainless steel buckles at the bit ends. Choose brown, black, russet, or orange leather-look Beta Biothane webbing.

A synthetic material with a strong nylon core, Beta Biothane gives you the look, feel and strength of leather. This cannot be compared to any other synthetic webbing; it is the absolute best! It is lightweight, extremely easy to care for, and resistant to cold, abrasion, cracks, mold, mildew and chemicals. Beta can be cleaned with soap and water and does not require conditioning. All of our Beta tack and accessories are Amish-made in the USA.

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