Brad Cameron Saddle Mule Video Series DVD Set

Brad Cameron Saddle Mule Video Series DVD Set
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In this extensive video series, Brad Cameron shows you how useful a saddle mule can be and what to look for when choosing one. He takes you from a basic introduction to groundwork to colt starting to basic mulemanship.

Tape 1: Introduction to Mulemanship, 30 min

  • Basic Knowledge on Mules
  • Training Equipment
  • Terminology
  • Examples of Finished Groundwork

In this informational video, Brad shows you how useful a saddle mule can be and what to look for when choosing one. He defines the terminology and shows the equipment used in Groundwork. He presents examples of the excellent results that can be achieved by using his Saddle Mule Series. A perfect primer to Groundwork.

Tapes 2&3: Groundwork Part I and II, 60 min each

  • Manners and Respect
  • Halter Breaking
  • Sacking and Flagging
  • Lariat Work

In this two video set, Brad's step-by-step instruction shows you how, with confidence and safety, to work through common challenges that come with owning and training a mule. Watch and learn as Brad transforms a difficult mule into a friendly animal that enjoys and respects his handler on the ground.

Tape 4&5: Colt Starting Part I and II, 60 min each

  • Saddling a Colt
  • Pre-ride Groundwork
  • Mounting a Colt
  • First Ride

This two video set shows you how to take a colt beyond the groundwork and advance to riding. Brad teaches you how to make this transition safely and without the use of mechanical aids. In tape 4, you will learn saddling a colt, transitions, fence work, and achieving the "mental connection." In tape 5, you will learn pre-ride groundwork, mounting a colt, and the first ride on a colt.

Tape 6: Beginning Mulemanship, 50 min

  1. Proper Bits and Bridling
  2. Getting the Mule Soft and Light to the Bit
  3. Stopping and Backing
  4. Neck Reining, Riding Without Reins and More

In this tape, Brad gives you a step-by-step program on the beginning basics of training the riding mule. You'll learn stopping, backing, neck reining, and more through the use of his "light response" techniques.

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Must Have!!!! 1/6/2018
My wife and I recently purchased two relatively green mules. We only wanted one but when we were told we were breaking up brothers we decided to get them both. After watching literally every available video on the internet about horse training we decided to kick down and buy Brads videos. We didnt really want to spend the money but after buying the mules and knowing we could own either good mules or bad mules for the next 30-40 years, the price suddenly seemed totally trivial especially if we got even one small nugget of useful information. Starting with video number one, the videos were well worth the price and much more. We bought our mules because I love elk and mule deer hunting and I am tired of hauling elk out of the woods on my back. Most of the training videos online have nothing to do with packing. Brad shows you how to saddle train a mule that will also be a proficient pack mule. Where this video series truly shines is in the subtleties. The tools and techniques are not much different than those seen in a lot of youtube videos, but he verbalizes some of the unique behaviors of mules that I didnt really understand until he talked about them, such as bracing and shouldering and the significance of both. Also, having heard how easy it is to ruin a mule it was very helpful to watch how Brad interacted with his mules. My wife and I have been a little timid while training for fear of overdoing it or being too hard on our mules. After watching these videos we have the confidence of knowing what is too much and what is not enough when training our mules. If you are training mules, consider this video series required viewing.
- Andy Johnson, NE
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