Classic Canvas & Leather Feedbag

Classic Canvas & Leather Feedbag
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When the US Forest Service brought 40 year old nose bags into our shop for repair, we took notice. A canvas feed bag that good was something we had to make. So, here it is! Molded skirting leather bottom, leather ventilator, 24 oz canvas and heavy leather strap with roller buckle. This classic canvas and leather feed bag for horses and mules can be adjusted in size from an average saddle horse to a large draft mule. Color: natural canvas, leather straps will vary in color (assorted browns).

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Impressive quality! 8/10/2020
This is really great, sturdy quality! Though, it barely fits my draft horse with a small head. If I put his entire feeding amount in at once, it's too small (Strap isn't long enough). It wouldn't even fit my draft with a larger head completely empty (bag is too narrow to allow for chewing. So, even with a longer strap, he would struggle to get everything out of it). If you can find a strap to use as an extender, it's still worth the price. No more feed wasting or feed stealing. Overall, 5 stars because there is nothing wrong with the product. My boys just have large noggins. At least the smaller one is the one that needs this product! :)
- Megan C, KS
Best Feedbag I've Used 9/23/2019
I love this feedbag. It's well made to handle all the rough wear and tear a horse can put it through. The canvas is sturdy, the bottom cleans up easily, the stitching is heavy duty and the leather used is very thick. Yes, this feedbag was more expensive, but it's outlasting any of the thinner, flimsy products on the market that I've tried. Thanks Outfitters Supply this is just what I needed!
Great for feed wasters! 9/7/2019
I bought this for my 28-year-old gelding that isn't holding weight like he used to. He's a major feed waster with both raised and ground level feeders (teeth were recently done). I'm tired watching him drop expensive feed on the ground for the mice to eat. This solved the problem! He puts it on the ground and leaves it there until he's done eating, can't drop feed in his water or dump it on the ground. I'm off to order another for my mare.
- Jordy, PA
Pricey but totally worth it. 2/1/2019
If you have horses that are hard on feed bags (I have a filly that can destroy a regular canvas feed bag within a week of purchase) then you'll appreciate the sturdiness of these. They are expensive but hold up very well. Your average feed bag has a plastic or cheap metal clasp, with no additional support on the bottom of the bag. These are fully stitched with a thick leather strap that goes all the way to the bottom of the bag,which is also a very stiff/thick leather. Love these bags!
Kerrie Z
Four Stars 2/1/2019
I love it, the horse loves it!
Paula P
Five Stars 2/1/2019
This feedbag is a high quality product marketed at a very reasonable price. The quality neck strap is easy to adjust and the leather bottom is durable...

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