Cottonwood OPR Modified Decker Pack Saddle Tree

Cottonwood OPR Modified Decker Pack Saddle Tree
Item Number: WPS902
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Detailed Description

This solid cottonwood Decker pack saddle tree features Modified style arches, which alllow you to easily hang panniers on the pack saddle without the use of Decker hooks. The OPR style bars make this pack saddle tree extremely versatile by allowing it to fit a very wide variety of animals. The modified Decker hoops, made from ¾" cold rolled steel, are constructed to stand just a bit taller than standard saddles so even when your ropes are stowed, you still have plenty of room to fit your hands in while saddling, hanging panniers, etc. The hoops are attached with flathead stainless steel screws that are countersunk and fastened to the bars with a recessed 'T' nut. The countersunk holes in the underside of the bar are then filled with all-weather wood filler, sanded and finished with linseed oil. Also available with old style, classic hoops.

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