Dry Guy Tent & Outdoor Gear Waterproofing Spray

Dry Guy Tent & Outdoor Gear Waterproofing Spray
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Detailed Description

Protect against the elements, mold, and stains with this ready to use, breathable fabric waterproofing spray for tents.. Specifically formulated for tent walls, ground sheets, and outdoor gear. This is also great for seam sealing the Montana Canvas Relite wall tents. Dry Guy Tent Fabrics and Outdoor Gear Waterproofing Spray is a water-based liquid that is safe for the environment, children, and pets.

Recommended for Gore-Tex®, eVent®, and all outdoor waterproof fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and canvas.

  • Ideal for breathable and other waterproof outdoor fabrics
  • Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles.
  • Makes the fabric waterproof and dirt repellent
  • Environmentally-friendly pump spray without propellant gas
  • Free from fluorocarbons
  • Biodegradable

Coverage Area: 473 ml. (16oz) covers approximately 50-60 square feet per bottle.

Application instructions:

  • Protect working surface and lay clean garment flat and zip up all zippers
  • Hold bottle 15-30 cm / 6-12 inches away from fabric
  • Apply evenly to outside of fabric
  • Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed
  • Allow to dry fully before use

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Great product! 11/25/2017
I used this on my MSR tent and it certainly helped beed off water during a recent rainstorm while camping. Simple to use...
- Dakota, WA
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