TrailMax Lightweight Mesh Feed Bag

TrailMax Lightweight Mesh Feed Bag
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Closeout price only available while supplies last!

We have found that while this is a great lightweight, economy bag for occasional use or carrying with you on backcountry trips, it doesn't hold up as well as we would like for customers that use it as their primary feedbag. If you want a mesh feedbag but have a horse that chews on the bottom or you will be using the feedbag for long periods of time, we recommend our Heavy Duty Mesh Feedbag instead. At this price these feedbags do not fall under our regular warranty.

This is a lightweight horse feed bag that you can pack along without taking up much space. The fine mesh will allow dust and water to filter out of the nosebag without losing any grain or pellets. Dimensions: 9" diameter, 12" high; strap length adjusts to 40".

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Awesome Feed bag for easy mess free Senior horse feeding ! 2/2/2021
These are amazing ! I got 2 one for me and one for a friend with a Senior horse. These ensure that the grain you give your horse is eaten by that horse without another animal getting to it.. in my case its a very bad goat. The bottoms and side are 100% very heavy mesh, breathable and they can even dip it in water if they want too and get a drink. This is a perfect item for senior horses like mine that drop their food out of their mouths when they eat- causing waste and also sand in the gut as they pick it up off the ground. You will be pleased with these 'feed bags'.
Whisper Love Gray
unusable 1/19/2021
So disappointed with this product! The bag is too tight and deep to fit on my 15HH Arab Saddlbred horse. He can't reach the feed. Also the mesh bottom is not tight enough to keep him from ingesting dirt as he eats from the bag. Unacceptable. I am returning.
- Carol M., OH
could be better 6/2/2020
I like the airy mesh but it isn't durable on the bottom. My horse put a hole in it it immediately the first time wearing. I bought 2 so I just doubled it. I like the diameter of the bag and swap the head strap for a more comfy padded one. It could be shorter to bring the feed closer to the horse's nose.
- Lynne, PA

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