Genuine Sheepskin Merino Wool Seat Comforter

Genuine Sheepskin Merino Wool Seat Comforter
Item Number: WSA162
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Detailed Description

These Genuine Sheepskin Merino wool saddle seat cushions add a layer of softness and ventilation to make a long trail ride more comfortable. One of the nicest seat comforters we've found, these are made from high density wool (pile is over an inch long and extremely thick). The sheepskin cushion covers the seat of the saddle and gently tapers down to provide padding under the thigh. Wool is very breathable, making it an excellent padding choice for both winter and summer riding. These sheepskin saddle seat covers are made in the USA since 1973.

Easy to install:

  • Stand at the front of your saddle and slip the back elastic over the cantle
  • Pull the sheepskin and elastic down and forward until the sheepskin fits snuggly against the seat and the elastic is tight around the base of the cantle.
  • Pull the leather ties either through the gullet and tie over the horn of a western saddle, or run the strings to dee rings on the front of your western or endurance saddle and secure.

The regular size fits most average trail and riding saddles with seat sizes from 14-1/2" to 17". This model will also fit 17-1/2" Tucker saddles with a 4" or shorter cantle.
The oversized model is recommended for large seated saddles with a high cantle..

Care instructions:
This wool seat comforter is very easy to maintain. It should be shaken out or vacuumed frequently to keep dust and dirt from matting down the wool. You may wash occasionally by hand or in a gentle cycle top-loading washing machine. Use warm water and very mild soap such as Woolite. Air dry away from a heat source. When the comforter is almost dry, install it on your saddle and stretch it where needed for a more "custom" fit.

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