Horse First Aid Trail Kit

Horse First Aid Trail Kit
Item Number: WFA111
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Detailed Description

From Horse Aid, this veterinarian approved first aid kit is specifically designed for the special needs of your horses and mules. The entire kit is packed in a water resistant bag that will fit in most saddlebags for immediate access while on the trail. Horse First Aid Kit includes: Horse First Aid Book Corona Antiseptic Ointment (2 oz) 4 oz Hydrogen Peroxide 4" x 4" Gauze Pads 250 ml Saline Solution Latex Touniquet Tuttle's Elixer Vet Liniment 4" Vetwrap 3-ply towels Thermometer 6" x 9" Cold Pack 10 cc Syringe Alcohol Prep Pads Surical Scrub Brush with Iodophor Vinyl Gloves Iodine pads Scissors Heavy Duty Soft Pack Bag

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