Sometimes you need a veterinarian for your horse. Sometimes you just need to have an equine first aid kit available and some know-how to use it. Horse First Aid Kits are a good start to your home, trailer, or stable emergency supplies. If you will be riding in rough terrain with an unshod horse or if you will riding in the backcountry and your horse may throw a shoe, the Cavallo Simple or Trek Hoof Boots are ideal. Shop horse health products for sale below.

Cavallo Gel Pads for  Hoof Boots
Cavallo Gel Pads for Hoof Boots

Item #: WFA4178
sale $7.48 
eZall Fly Spray
eZall Fly Spray

Item #: W69-4090
Roll-Up & Tie Farrier Tool Pouch
Roll-Up & Tie Farrier Tool Pouch

Item #: WHC101
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