Lightweight Trail Lead, 11' Nylon with 3/4-Size Bull Snap

Lightweight Trail Lead, 11' Nylon with 3/4-Size Bull Snap
Item Number: SP-ROPE1
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Detailed Description

This lightweight packer's lead rope is 11' long, which is ideal for stringing animals together or tying around a large tree (we recommend the use of a highline and tree saver straps if the animal will be tied for long periods of time). The three-strand nylon has a little give and shock absorbancy should stock pull back, but has excellent abrasion resistance, good feel in the hand, and has high resistance to mold, mildew, and moisture. The bull snap is the same quality stainless steel hardware that we use on our standard packer's lead. However, the snap is 3/4 the size and requires less thumb strength to open and hold for clipping onto the halter. The entire lead weighs only 14 ounces!

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