Mohair/Wool Sawbuck (Double) Pack Cinch

Mohair/Wool Sawbuck (Double) Pack Cinch
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Introducing our Mohair Sawbuck (Double) Pack Cinch a pinnacle of strength, comfort, and functionality designed for those who demand the best for their horse packing adventures. Crafted from a luxurious mohair/wool blend, this cinch not only prevents galling on your stock animal but also offers unparalleled durability and breathability.

         Double the width for a sawbuck or double-rigged pack saddle

         34 strands meticulously woven for exceptional strength

         Mohair's unique flexibility allows the cinch to be twisted and bent repeatedly without causing damage

         Natural properties of the mohair/wool blend ensure breathability and quick drying

         Hardware rings, constructed from double nickel-plated steel, guarantee longevity and resilience to the elements.

         Center rings are intricately woven to secure your load

To further enhance performance, our cinches are reinforced with woven crossbars, preventing twisting, and distributing pressure evenly across the entire width. This thoughtful design not only increases durability but also ensures the comfort of your horse throughout the ride.

Elevate your horse packing experience with gear that goes the extra mile. Choose our Mohair Sawbuck (Double) Pack Cinch for a combination of strength, comfort, and durability that is second to none. Unleash the true potential of your horse packing endeavors with this essential piece of horse gear and pack equipment.

Available in even sizes ranging from 22" to 36", with the back cinch being two inches longer to accommodate the curve of the animal's belly, our Mohair Sawbuck Pack Cinch offers a tailored fit for every horse or mule.


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Well made cinch 10/30/2019
Great cinch. Top quality.
Well made cinch. 2/1/2019
Great cinch. Top quality.
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