Montana Cowboy Comforter Riding Blanket

Montana Cowboy Comforter Riding Blanket
Item Number: WCL400
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Detailed Description

The Cowboy Comforter is the ultimate blanket that provides protection, warmth and comfort for both the rider and the horse. This versatile blanket is weatherproof to withstand all conditions including heavy rain, snow and wind. The lightweight durable material wraps around the rider for a comfortable feel, keeping the lower body safe from harsh weather. The cowboy comforter also provides protection to the saddle when the rider is off the horse.

These blankets are made with a weatherproof Cordura™ outer shell and lined inside with fleece. A Velcro-closure large pocket is located on the left (on-) side for easy access to essentials. Blanket has a reinforced hole to secure it the the saddle horn, and a Velcro strip to allow the blanket to be opened around the rider or closed to cover the saddle. Blanket measures 32"L x 70"W. Orange.

The comforter is designed and hand sewn by Don Mills, a long time Montana horseman, hunter, and outdoorsman. He's been riding through all seasons in northwest Montana for the past 30 plus years.

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