Not-A-Knot Pack System with the Economy Decker Pack Saddle

Not-A-Knot Pack System with the Economy Decker Pack Saddle
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About the Economy Not-A-Knot Pack System: Packing Made Easy

The Decker Not-A-Knot Pack System consists of everything you will need to pack your stock animal and head to the trail right away. The system is entirely knot free and is so simple, anyone can pack and load their horse in four easy steps. And once loaded, it is like having a diamond hitch securing your load.

Because some people are totally intimidated by knots and not everybody has access to packing classes or experienced packers to learn their systems, we designed the Not-A-Knot System. Saddle your animal with the Decker pack saddle. For a traditional Decker saddle, buckle the Decker hooks on the hanger straps of your pannier boxes and easily hook them to the hoops on your Decker (the modified Decker does not take Decker hooks; simply loop the hang straps over the arches). The boxes are then stabilized by buckling the strap on the bottom of the panniers to the middle cargo ring on the pack cinch. The top pack straps down to the boxes. Once on, it's just like having a diamond hitch securing your load. The pannier boxes are very convenient for packing food, kitchen equipment, etc, while the top pack is great for lighter, bulky gear like sleeping bags, tents, etc. The boxes usually carry about 70 pounds each and the top pack about 40-50 pounds. You can easily have a full load of 180-190 pounds using the Not-A-Knot System. Anybody can pack with this system. It puts the fun into packing right away!

The Economy Decker Not-A-Knot System includes:

The Not-A-Knot System is comprised of professional grade components that many outfitters, park rangers and packing enthusiasts have learned to trust. Our TrailMax Pack Panniers, Outfitters Supply Pack Saddles, TrailMax Top Packs and TrailMax Pack Pads have all proven themselves under the harshest conditions.

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