We originally came up with the Not-A-Knot Pack System so that even beginners could pack with confidence. The Not-A-Knot horse packing system consists of all the professional-quality mule and horse packing equipment you need for the perfect set up for one pack horse or pack mule ... with NO KNOTS! Simple to use, the Not-A-Knot system can have you packing in no time.

Each of the systems below include everything you need to pack, including with a pack pad, a pack saddle, pack panniers, and top pack. Choose the horse packing system that will work for you by selecting the system featuring the pack saddle you want to start with.

Choose between:

  • Our outfitter-quality classic sawbuck pack saddle
  • an economy sawbuck pack saddle
  • Our outfitter-quality classic Decker pack saddle
  • an economy Decker pack saddle
  • Our outfitter-quality adjustable tree pack saddle

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