Next to the pack saddle, the pack pad is the most important layer of your load. Don't try to skimp on this; a pack saddle pad is larger and thicker than a standard riding saddle pad for very good reason. You've heard the expression "you get what you pay for". This seems to be especially true for equine pack pads. So, how do you choose?

Rule #1: Choose the right size
We recommend that your pack saddle pad is a minimum size of 30"L x 44"W, which is about 14" wider than a riding saddle pad. This extra width provides necessary protection from a panniers or manties rubbing or banging on the pack animal's sides.

Rule #2: Choose the proper thickness
A pack pad is usually thicker than a saddle pad, averaging 1-1.5" thick. However, just because one inch is good, doesn't mean that two inches is better. You do not want a pad that is so thick that the pack saddle no longer fits well. A very dense pad, such as the 5 Star Mountain Packer, has plenty of thickness at 1⅛ because it deflects shock so well. If the outer material of the pad is mostly fleece, which compresses easily, you will want to make sure it has a fairly thick felt pad inside.

Rule #3: Buy the best pad you can afford
Look for pack pads that are built of materials that wick moisture, breathe well, and provide plenty of padding. We stand behind every pad we offer here, so you can buy with confidence, even with our least expensive pack pad offerings. The best pad on the market anywhere is the 5-Star Wool Felt Pack Pad, which is made of 100% virgin wool, so it will last a lifetime with the proper care.

Rule #4: Do not double pad if you can avoid it
It is too easy for equine pads to move against each other and for one or both of them to wiggle out from beneath the saddle. Used in conjunction with a good pack saddle, a single, well-made pack pad of adequate size and thickness will provide all the protection needed against any saddle sore that could make the going tough on your stock. And we all know that you had better take good care of your stock...because it can be a long way out on foot.

Browse our complete line of Toklat, Diamond Wool, and 5 Star Equine pack saddle pads below.

5 Star
5 Star "Mountain Packer" Pad

Item #: WSP101

Toklat WoolBack Pack Pad
Toklat WoolBack Pack Pad

Item #: WSP111FW
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