So you have your pack saddle. Now for the horse packing accessories! We have used all of the horse packing equipment that we sell, and stand behind the quality and functionality. Whether you manty your loads and need canvas manties and ropes, you are replacing a worn out pack cinch or Decker half-breed, or you need coolers that fit into your pack panniers, we have it here. It's also not a bad idea to carry a replacement hoof boot for your horses or mules in case they throw a shoe or injure a hoof.

Our number one product recommendation for all horse packers? Our lightweight TrailMax packer's scale. If your load is balanced from side to side, it greatly reduces the possibility of a wreck in your pack string.

If you need replacement pack saddle straps or rigging, please contact us. We are happy to help you determine what you need and make it to order. All of our pack saddle rigging straps, britching and breastcollars are cut from hand-picked premium Hermann Oak Old World harness leather.

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