Quarter Breed for a Decker Pack Saddle

Quarter Breed for a Decker Pack Saddle
Item Number: WPS113
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Detailed Description

Constructed of 24-oz canvas, this quarter breed protects your Decker Pack Saddle's half breed from wear and tear. The shaped openings for the pack saddle arches are reinforced with heavy latigo leather.

Quarter Breeds are simple to attach:

  1. Lift your Half Breed to access the buckles for the rigging straps on the tree.
  2. Make note of which holes the straps are set to.
  3. Unbuckle the rigging straps and lay the straps to either side of the saddle, leaving the Half Breed in place.
  4. Place the Quarter Breed over the hoops and secure the flaps in place behind the pack boards.
  5. Rebuckle the rigging straps.

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