Quick Release Biothane Horse Hobbles from Berlin Custom

Quick Release Biothane Horse Hobbles from Berlin Custom
Item Number: WTKBE3000
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Detailed Description

No need to mess around with buckles! Quick hitch hobbles are extremely easy to put on or take off, even in deep cold, rain or snow, but don't come off on their own. We looked at quite a few synthetic hobbles after having customers request them, and these are the best we've found. These quick release horse hobbles are Amish-made in the USA of full 1¼ wide, double-ply Beta Biothane. Unlike most we found, these are double ply, both stitched and riveted for strength. All of the hardware is stainless steel. The edges are rounded and smooth, helping prevent chafing.

What makes Beta Biothane special? Don't be fooled by imitations. These are made of 1¼ Beta Biothane, which is the closest thing to leather on the market, without the few downsides of leather. This is easier to clean, and unlike many knock-off versions of the material, Beta holds up incredibly well to UV rays, and wet weather, and rarely attract the attention of animals that may chew on cowhide. This makes these hobbles almost indestructible.

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