A good set of western reins should feel good in the hands and enhance communication and control between horse and rider. When choosing your western horse reins, you'll want to consider how you'll be using them, the size of the rider's hands, what just feels good, and what will look good with the rest of your tack. Browse western reins and more below.

  • Split reins: two separate reins that attach to the bit. These can be used for both one-hand neck reining and two-handed riding with snaffle bits.We carry a wide variety of western split reins, made in the USA from a wide variety of widths, colors and weights of leather (Old World Hermann Oak harness leather is one of our favorites, and ideal for snaffle bit training), waxed cotton, spun nylon, and tree line rope.
  • Single reins (often called roper reins, roping reins, contest reins, or a barrel rein): one continuous rein that attaches to to the bit at each end. This category also includes romal reins, which have an extra center strap with a popper. We carry our single reins in various sizes of flat and rounded leather and hollow braid spun nylon. These are very popular with trail riders that do not want to risk dropping a rein. We have numerous trail riding reins below.
  • Mecate reins: A long rope that ties to a bosal or connects to a bit using slobber straps. The way a mecate is tied creates a looped rein as well as a long free end that can be used as a lead rope or longe line. We have traditional horsehair mecates, as well as rope made from yacht line, braided parachute cord, and 12-strand braided tree line.

Harness Leather Split Reins with Waterloop Ends
Harness Leather Split Reins with Waterloop Ends

Item #: WTKB588H
$42.95 - $49.95

Double Diamond 1
Double Diamond 1" Flat Waxed Nylon Split Reins

Item #: WTK4900
$49.95 - $51.95

Double Diamond  1/2
Double Diamond 1/2" Flat Waxed Nylon Split Reins

Item #: WTK4901
$37.95 - $39.95

Schutz Bros. 5/8
Schutz Bros. 5/8" Harness Leather Spotted Reins

Item #: WTKS7082
$66.50 - $67.95

Basin Cowboy Collection Split Reins
Basin Cowboy Collection Split Reins

Item #: W50-1400
sale $55.35 
Hand-Braided Horse Hair Mecate
Hand-Braided Horse Hair Mecate

Item #: W50-1690

Ecoluxe Bamboo Round Trail Reins
Ecoluxe Bamboo Round Trail Reins

Item #: W35326-08

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