Reinsman Argentine Dog Bone Snaffle Bit

Reinsman Argentine Dog Bone Snaffle Bit
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Detailed Description

This is a very nice introduction into a shanked bit after training with a ring snaffle. The short, softly curved cheeks will introduce gentle curb pressure to the chin. The three piece mouthpiece bends over the bars at a greater angle than a solid or two piece mouthpiece, allowing contact to new nerves for better control. The snaffle bit with copper roller can help to calm a nervous horse, and adds light tongue pressure for a better headset.

The Sweet Iron mouthpiece is made from black iron and copper, which slowly oxidizes and rusts. Slow-acting and harmless to horses, the oxidation has a sweet taste that horses like and which encourages salivation. This metal will almost always discolor, but the rust will not flake off or harm the horse. Please note that copper is a soft metal; watch for excessive wear.

  • 6" Cheeks
  • 5" Mouth width
  • 3/8" diameter mouthpiece

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