Reinsman Medium Loose Ring Twisted Sweet Iron Snaffle

Reinsman Medium Loose Ring Twisted Sweet Iron Snaffle
Item Number: WBITR107
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Detailed Description

This is the next step up from a basic smooth-mouth snaffle. It is an excellent choice for schooling a horse that may be lugging on the bit or not stopping well. It has a slow twist, which adds extra pressure points to the lips and bars, giving it more bite, yet it is still mild in comparison to leverage bits. It can also be used to pull a horse around and do a lot of bending exercises. The sweet iron mouthpiece encourages salivation to keep a soft mouth and maintain the comfort of the horse.This is a great choice for training or every day riding. 5" mouth, 7/16" diameter. Stage A low leverage bit. *****LIFETIME GUARANTEE*****

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