Riley Wrangler Wood Burning Camp Stove Package

Riley Wrangler Wood Burning Camp Stove Package
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Detailed Description

The Riley Wrangler is a relatively lightweight wood burning tent stove easily packed into a backcountry camp to heat a large tent and cook for a crowd. The included shelf, water tank, and pipe store neatly inside the firebox. The Wrangler wood stove will heat up to a 14' x 20' tent and will provide enough cooking space for about 6 people. This tent stove holds heat for about 6-7 hours (depending on size and quality of wood being burned). This stove uses a 5-inch stove pipe and tent stove jack.

Riley Wrangler Stove Package Details

  • Stove box dimensions: 16"W x 13"H x 26"L
  • Stove Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Complete Package Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Complete Package Includes: large shelf, 4-gallon water tank, and 4 pieces of 5" x 20" pipe

Riley Stove Features and Construction

  • Constructed of galvanized steel because it prevents rusting, and is very light-weight compared to other types of heat-resistant metals.
  • Legs and damper slide are removable for packing and storage
  • Adjustable stove dampers (located at the front bottom of stoves) control temperature
  • Chimney pipe fits directly into stove tops and into chimney ovens
  • Stove and oven legs fit into leg pockets that are attached to the outside corners of stoves
  • Accessories such as warming shelves, hot water tank, stove pipe and legs store inside stove box
  • Warming shelves, hot water tanks and warming ovens attach to stoves on side hooks
  • Use of a spark arrestor or stack robber is recommended (sold separately)
  • Patent designed non-warp tops and air-cooled bottoms - Does not require sand to protect bottoms of stoves
  • Boiling your cooking, cleaning, and drinking water in the included water tank aids in prevention of Giardia Lamblia
  • Approved and used by the U.S. Forest Service
  • Five year warranty on workmanship (contact Riley Stove Company for warranty issues) Stoves come with a Warranty Registration card.
  • These are camp stoves designed only for outdoor use. Use caution (and gloves!) as these stoves get very hot. 

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