We have been repairing, redesigning, and using our TrailMax horse saddlebags for over 25 years, and have learned what works. Whether you need a small, lightweight saddle bag to carry your lunch, you want a classic leather saddle bag for riding herd with veterinary supplies, or you will be taking a multi-day horseback trip into the backcountry, you will find the western horse saddle bags you need here.

Need to carry more gear than will fit into saddlebags, but do not have a pack saddle? No problem! The Pack-A-Saddle horse packing system instantly turns your western riding saddle into a pack saddle. And best of all ... NO KNOTS!

Browse a variety of horse saddle bags below, including cantle bags, saddle horn bags, pommel bags, and more. If you decide you want a professional quality pack system, complete with a pack saddle, learn more about what we call our Not-A-Knot Pack Systems here.

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