Next to a good fitting saddle, the saddle pad can be one of the most important pieces of horse tack you purchase. A well-made, well-fitting riding saddle pad will help absorb shock, help improve your saddle's fit, minimize saddle slippage and friction, and wick sweat and moisture away from your horse's back. Once you've determined the type of material (fleece, felt, neoprene, non-slip, or gel) that will fit your needs, you can then choose your riding saddle pad based on thickness, size, shape, color and pattern. Basic rules of thumb: don't use a saddle pad any thicker than you need, and allow a minimum of 1½ inches of the pad to show around your saddle (more if you use saddlebags and don't want them to lie on your horse).

We offer great prices on several styles, sizes, and colors of endurance and western saddle pads and horse saddle blankets to ensure that you get a pad to suit your needs and tastes...and your budget. Shop mule and horse saddle pads below. We also have a variety of pack pads available.

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