Silky Ono Hatchet | Compact Camping Hatchet

Silky Ono Hatchet | Compact Camping Hatchet
Item Number: WSC568-10
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Detailed Description

The Silky Ono Hatchet is a camper's best friend. This small, compact chopper is a fine representation of Japanese craftsmanship and won't let you down when it comes to clearing trails or cutting up small timber for an evening fire. The Silky Ono Hatchet exudes quality and will be part of your regular camping gear for years to come. This compact camping hatchet features a custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger. The ONO's alloy steel blade can be resharpened as needed. Specifications: Blade length: 4.7" (120mm) Weight: Operating 1.76 lb (800 g)

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