Spark Arrestor Box | Stack Robber

Spark Arrestor Box | Stack Robber
Item Number: WCS131
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Detailed Description

This in-line spark box is equipped with removable screen for easy cleaning. The box and screen design is more effective at protecting your tent and the surrounding environment than many other designs. This spark arrestor also doubles as a stack robber or heat exchanger, capturing some of the heat from your stove and redirecting it to your tent.

When using this spark arrestor with straight pipe, it is recommended that you put it one stove pipe length above your stove. To use this spark arrestor with a Cylinder stove or any other nesting stovepipe, the spark arrestor must be placed directly on the stove and then the first section of pipe can be attached to it OR you can purchase another straight section of pipe to put between the stove and spark arrestor.

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