Spike III Tent Package by Montana Canvas

Spike III Tent Package by Montana Canvas
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Detailed Description

The Montana Canvas Spike III Tent has been designed to provide comfort and stability in many types of adverse weather conditions. Truly an all season tent, you will find that the Spike III is easy to erect, easy to heat and quite stable in windy conditions. Whether you are on a summer fishing trip, a late winter elk hunt or just heading to the woods with your family, this all-season, pyramid-shaped tent will fit the bill.

All the comfort, convenience and standard features of the Spike II, the Montana Canvas Spike III tent expands the available living space without sacrificing easy set-up and take down. The Spike III is constructed of Relite or Relite walls with 10 ounce canvas roof, and offers a 12' x 12' floor area with 4' 6" walls and 8' 6" peak height. Standard features include:

  • All-weather fly with awning
  • Sewn-in floor with zippered stove cut out
  • Three 24" x 30" screen windows
  • Screen door
  • Aluminum stakes
  • Stove jack with weather flap
  • Heavy-duty rust proof zippers on the door
  • Peak is reinforced with heavy-duty vinyl and has a suspension ring on the outside.
  • Easily set up with the included interior center, corner and side poles
  • Complete package weighs approximately 60 lbs

Spike III tents in tan Relite with a 4" stove jack are standard and generally in stock.  Other colors (spring green and white) and larger stove jacks (5" or 6") are available upon special request.

To set up your new Montana Canvas Spike III Tent:

  1. Lay out the tent and stake out the floor at the four corners.
  2. Assemble the center pole and awning poles.
  3. Spread the tent fly out and center it over the tent by pulling the O ring on the top of the tent through the slit at the center of the fly and making sure stove jack opening in the fly is centered over the stove jack opening in the tent.
  4. Insert the center pole through the door and insert it into the center peak of the tent.
  5. Tie the 8-10 feet of rope to each of the four corners of the tent and as many of the perimeter points as necessary for the terrain and weather conditions.
  6. Insert the corner poles in the inside corner pouches.
  7. Install tension rope adjusters to all ropes by threading the rope through the hole on the concave side first and then through the hole on the convex side. Tie an overhand knot to secure. The knot will be sitting in the curve of the tension adjuster. To use: pull rope through the tension adjuster and hook over the stake and adjust the tension.
  8. If using the bungie cords to secure the fly, you need to make a loop in each rope for one of the bungie cord hooks. The other bungie hook attaches to a fly grommet.
  9. Stake the corners of the tent. Attach tent fly bungies to corner ropes.
  10. Add remaining inside poles.
  11. Stake and adjust tension on the rest of the perimeter and add remaining fly bungie cords.

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Fantastic Tent 8/4/2015
Quality tent!! Spent 10 days in the Gila, NM and was not disappointed. Very comfortable with 3 hunters on cots and wood burning stove. Stayed very warm and dry even through driving rain and confirmed 65 mph gusts. Recommend not buying this tent without the fly. Only tent left standing after crazy windstorm night. Had to adjust the fly overhang to straight down so the tent wouldnt become airborne. This tent performed far better than expected. I did have to deal with a little bit of condensation due to 100% Relite, but cracked windows helped reduce this. Extremely satisfied with the tent and the folks at Outfitters Supply.
- G. Rivas, TX

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