Stove Jack

Stove Jack
Item Number: WT O117
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Detailed Description

A stove jack allows you to safely extend stovepipe through the roof or wall of your tent. Our stove jacks are constructed of fire proof 17-ounce silicone-coated glass material (18" x 18") with a solid silicone ring. Stove jacks are temperature rated up to 700°F (400°C).

A stove jack can be sewn directly into the wall or roof of any tent made from a fire retardant material and designed to accommodate a stove. It can also be glued into a canvas tent if you purchase the stove jack with canvas edging (glue canvas to canvas with a fabric adhesive). We recommend an oval shape if you are using 5" or 6" stovepipe that will be running through the roof. The round is recommended for pipe extending through the side wall. Made in the USA.

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