The Cavalry Horse and his Pack

The Cavalry Horse and his Pack
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The Cavalry Horse and His Pack

This is quite simply the most important book ever written in the English language by a military man on the subject of equestrian travel. It was designed to be used by the United States cavalry. Yet it differs from traditional army manuals in that instead of emphasizing mounted maneuvering, it concentrates on the preparation and practice of journeying on horseback. If you want to learn how cavalry men charged into battle waving sabers, this isn’t the book for you. If you want to learn how to properly pack and ride a horse over extremely long distances, then you are holding the cavalry man’s sacred text in your hands.

The author, Lieutenant Jonathan Boniface, traveled from Asia to Europe in search of the most valuable equestrian travel knowledge. He lists seventy-eight primary sources, including the finest equestrian scholars of the time, from a variety of countries. Boniface takes the reader through the step by step process of finding the best riding horse, proper saddling, rules for daily travel, care of the horse, and possible dangers. He also devotes a section of the book to working and traveling with pack horses and mules. At more than five hundred pages, the book represents the largest international study of its kind. Plus, the text is packed with nearly two hundred excellent photographs and diagrams. It is a superb literary achievement!

At the dawn of the 20th century experts were busy predicting the imminent demise of the horse. Mankind’s most historically influential comrade would make way for the automobile, cynics said. Yet the young author of this remarkable volume disagreed with the critics. No machine of steam and steel, of cog or cam, no vapor-fed motor, no craft propelled by batteries or boilers would ever successfully displace the horse from our on-going needs, advised Boniface.

Part text book, part history book and all inspiration, “The Cavalry Horse and his Pack” is the lasting tribute to the great horseman and talented writer who foresaw the day when horse travel would once again flourish and a book such as this one would be cherished by unforeseen generations of Long Riders, cavalry students and horse lovers.

Author: Lieutenant Jonathon Boniface
Publisher: Long Riders Guild Press
Copyright: 2005 (First Published in 1903)
538 pages

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