The Horse Travel Handbook

The Horse Travel Handbook
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Detailed Description

Created by author, CuChullaine O'Reilly, The Horse Travel Handbook was drawn from its parent addition "The Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration". This small, concise cavalry-style manual contains the most critically important information that a Long Rider may need to consult while travelling. It covers every aspect needed to successfully complete a journey by horse, including how to organize the trip, plan a route, choose the proper equipment and purchase horses. It addresses traditional challenges such as loading a pack saddle, avoiding dangerous animals, fording rivers and outwitting horse thieves. It also offers ingenious solutions to modern dilemmas like crossing international borders, surviving vehicle traffic and negotiating with hostile bureaucrats. This handbook covers all aspects of equine welfare including feeding, watering, saddling and health care. Technical details such as daily travel distance, where to locate nightly shelter and ways to avoid cultural conflicts are among the hundreds of specific topics examined. A special appendix contains the Equestionary that provides images of objects and situations most likely to be of use when language is a barrier.

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