The Horse Travel Journal by the Long Rider's Guild

The Horse Travel Journal by the Long Rider's Guild
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Detailed Description

The critical need for a standardized Horse Travel Journal was recognized by the Founding Members of The Long Riders’ Guild in the year 2000, during their first international meeting of equestrian explorers. All of these mounted travellers shared stories about their assorted unsuccessful efforts to maintain a written record of their equestrian adventures. Though various literary avenues had been tried, no one had devised a book specifically designed to record the equestrian occurrences encountered during these long and often perilous journeys.

Thus was born the need and desire to publish a book intended to register the most important comments and observations of the world’s Long Riders. It has been designed to fit into a standard saddle bag. Every daily diary entry in The Horse Travel Journal allows the Long Rider to make concise notes on the specifics of that day’s journey, the condition of the horses, problems encountered, etc. Additional pages are provided for personal recollections about daily events.

In addition, at the rear of the book, The Horse Travel Journal contains the world’s first Long Rider Pictionary. In their initial meeting it was discovered that despite the fact that many of the Long Rides were fluent in several foreign languages, normal linguistic training did not include the necessary equestrian terms often encountered during the course of such a journey. How does one say “have you seen my stallion” in Mongolian at midnight, for example? Now, with the aid of the Long Rider Pictionary, the equestrian traveller can point to the object in question in his or her search for local linguistic assistance.

Finally, when completed these Journals will contain equestrian travel information of immense historical and geographical importance. To ensure ownership of the Journal, information is provided whereby it may be returned to the equestrian explorer, via The Long Riders’ Guild, in case the Journal is lost or stolen. No book is a substitute for experience. But this one is designed to record the activities of the world’s Long Riders at the dawn of the 21st century.

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