The Land Beyond All Roads

The Land Beyond All Roads
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My purpose in writing this book was to write these true stories so you, the reader, can envision yourself with me at the time of the event. So, hopefully, you can enjoy some of the same emotions that I did. Anyone that is familiar with the use of horses and mules in the backcountry, you will find a kindred spirit when reading these stories. To those who have never had the opportunity to experience the romance that can only happen when youíre on a horse in The Land Beyond All Roads, prepare yourself for a grand adventure....

This book covers a large spectrum of interest and is only about events that are exciting and extraordinary. The words in this book do not come from a great literary mind; instead, they come from a place deep down in my heart that loves wild country. You will not be reading about hunting, but the adventures that happened when hunting. If you give this book a chance, youíll find that it has something that should interest almost everyone. It is not like any-thing else you have ever read. One reason is because unlike other books about outdoor adventures, the author is not trying to impress anyone with his accomplishments. In fact, itís more about foolish mistakes that would embarrass any of us. Embarrassing as these calamities were, I knew they were too funny or too emotional not to be told. Besides, they are what makes this book real. Another thing that makes this book real are the interesting characters. One being a very special lady who came to be an accom-plished hunter. When reading about Jenniferís wilderness experi-ences, you will learn that she is not only fearless but also tougher than most men. Join Jennifer and I for adventures and romance in the Montana wilderness.

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