TrailMax Modified Decker Tree

TrailMax Modified Decker Tree
Item Number: WPS170
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Detailed Description

The 3/4" stainless steel arches are attached to the bars using stainless steel button-head socket screws. These are screwed into threaded inserts that are permanently molded into the bars. There are six screws per iron, rather than four, for optimal stability and strength. We use only high quality stainless steel, which will not rust or pit. The molded stainless steel arches allow ropes to slide easily, making it a breeze to tighten your load. The arches are tall enough on either style to easily allow ropes and the breast collar to pass through when putting up the saddle for storage.

We are offering two styles of Decker saddle trees; the Classic (round) and the Modified (featured here). The Classic tree is ideal for mantied loads and using panniers with Decker hooks. The Modified tree was designed for use with pannier straps, similar to a sawbuck.

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