TrailMax Original Pommel / Horn Bags

TrailMax Original Pommel / Horn Bags
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Detailed Description

Tested in the rugged Rocky Mountains, these packs have proven their quality and durability. The The TrailMax Original Saddle Pommel/Horn Bags easily fit endurance saddles and fit over most sizes of western saddle horns. They are then secured with velcro straps over the pommel and tied down with the front saddle strings to prevent shifting and slapping against the horse or rider. The bags are padded with removeable liners. Ideal for long day rides on their own, but can also be combined with the TrailMax Pommel Pocket and the Junior or Original Rear Saddlebags or Daytripper Cantle Bag for longer rides. The insuliners have a compartment sized for most sport water bottles (not included), and is also an excellent place to stash your camera for extra protection. You will have room left over for lunch, a book, and other small necessities.

Features and Specifications:

  • Removable Tricot foam liners offer gear protection
  • Velcro straps securely wrap around pommel of most western and endurance saddles, and webbing loops on the underside allow you to tie each bag down to your saddle strings as well.
  • These horn saddle bags fit over most western saddle horns (up to a 4" cap)
  • Constructed from double-stitched, 600 denier weather- and uv-resistant, PVC coated polyester with heavy-duty #10 zippers and webbing reinforcement at all wear points
  • Dimensions: 11"H x 8.5"W x 4"D (approx. 350 cubic inches per side)
  • Machine washable in cold or warm water wash. Use low dryer heat or line dry. Remove the insuliners first: they are hand-wash and line dry only.
  • Loved by many equestrian riders for trail rides, pack trips, search & rescue and much more...

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Have used for about 10 years 5/20/2020
i have used these horn bags for about 10 years for trail riding in New Mexico. The foam liners were worn out a long time ago but found that I don't need them. I am only now starting to look at replacing them. Use them to carry water bottles, gloves, snacks, (will even fit a small lunch) and those items that I need to have handy while on the trail. I like the Velcro tie downs. The bags are a nice size, not too big or too small.
- Vicky Anderson, NM
Excellent size, very strong, and whoever designed these Pommel Bags kn 2/1/2019
These bags are made tough. They are plenty large and can carry a lot of gear. The straps you need to keep your load secured are everywhere you would want/need them. My wife and I use these along with the TrailMax Original Saddlebags and can carry enough feed and gear to camp for two nights. They don't bounce around on your horse, nor slip out of balance. Would buy again, and have a time or two already.
Cherokee Mountain Horseman
large quality bags great price 2/1/2019
These pommel bags are great! They are very large compared to most pommel bags, and they do not crowd you legs when you are on your saddle. Trail max has amazing products, all very high quality and very reasonably priced. The zippers are durable and the rubber handle for the zippers is nice and easy to grip even with gloves, and when its wet out. I looked at several pommel bags, and these seemed to be the best quality for the price. The green color is very beautiful. No complaints for either the product or the company.
best bag for the buck 2/1/2019
I ordered 2 of for my daughter and one for me. We used them during a cattle drive in Montana. Excellent quality and roomy enough to hold all our stuff, which was considerable as we endured all 4 seasons of weather during the 1 week drive. The bags made access to snacks, water, rain gear, sunglasses, gloves and sweaters easy. They stay securely closed and protect your gear from the weather. I highly recommend these if you are a long trail rider or even for a short day ride. They may not be as authentic looking as saddlebags (which I tried on an earlier trip) but they are infinitely easier to use and access.
- fred, GA
Well made 2/1/2019
Good build, nice heavy zippers, and big enough for a couple 32oz nalgene bottles on each side. the only cheap part is the foam liners. but they do sell nice, leakproof insulated liners for them. I haven't tried those yet.
Keith J
For trail riding 2/1/2019
Well made... a little larger than I thought it would be. Fits the saddle well.
Carol H
Good on trail or ranch work 2/1/2019
I bought these pommel bags along with saddle bags almost two years ago. I have used them on our ranch in southern Arizona multiple times. I have lost a zipper pull or two but the bags do not snag in the catclaw and mesquite. They are fully usable even when the zipper pull is missing as the zipper is large. The insulation is good to protect items and keep drinks cold. The insulation is removable if you need a little more room. I just bought a pair for my brother. They are good for carrying smaller items like water, gloves and small tools like wire cutters or cameras. They are too small for some binoculars. The matching saddle bags are spacious and I would highly recommend.
Rex B

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