TrailMax Pack-A-Saddle Saddle Pannier Pack System

TrailMax Pack-A-Saddle Saddle Pannier Pack System
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This versatile packing system can be used on a western riding saddle, sawbuck pack saddle or Decker pack saddle. The panniers are detachable so they can be packed, loaded and weighed one at a time. Three roller buckles allow for easy adjustment of pannier ride height. The top pack secures with compression straps and pannier straps, and has two full length zippers for easy access to gear. Insulated pouches are sewn on the end of the panniers for water bottles, snacks, maps, etc.

The TrailMax Pack-A-Saddle System includes:

  • One pair of heavy duty, highly water resistant panniers (23½"L x 16½"H x 11½"D)
  • Heavy duty top pack with weather resistant lining (26"W x 36"L x 11"D)
  • One pair of PolyPac Pannier Inserts (23"L x 16"H x 11"D)
  • Pannier hanger for western riding saddles
  • Heavy duty hanger straps for pack saddles
  • 22" felt padded cinch for securing bottom of panniers
  • Available in Brown or Orange

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nice pack 4/11/2019
An awesome pack saddle for the weekend warrior packer. Will hold up to tree abuse just fine. Tough enough pack for sure and well worth the price tag.
James W
After 10 day back-country trip I couldn't ask for a better product 4/11/2019
We ordered these bags shortly before a 10 day back-country trip. My wife and I have extensive horse riding experience but no overnight camping experience. These bags were incredibly easy to figure out & use. During the "learning" process of riding with them we crashed into a number of trees until both us and our horse learned how to avoid that. The bags proved to be very durable. The bags rode well & held quite a large amount of stuff. We packed a 50lb compressed bail of hay into the 2 paniers, as well as 6 lbs of grain and a few other things. The small pockets on the rear held our horse first aid items. The top bag was large enough to hold literally everything else we needed to camp comfortably for a day. Tent, high line, sleeping bags / mattresses, clothes, hygiene, food, water, jet boils etc. etc. We ended up eliminating other bags from our riding horses because this bag was so useful.
Tayler J

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