TrailMax Pommel Pocket

TrailMax Pommel Pocket
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Detailed Description

TrailMax Pommel Pocket

Designed to carry your basic necessities, such as a cell phone, keys and a snack, this lightweight, low profile bag attaches securely to the pommel of all types of western and endurance saddles with side release buckles.

The Pommel Pocket is a terrific addition to your TrailMax Saddlebag System. This little gear bag is perfect for those few little things that you need close by that always fall to the bottom of larger hornbags or saddlebags. The Pommel Pocket will fit over your hornbags or can be used alone when you are out for the afternoon. Makes a terrific companion to the TrailMax Daytripper Cantlebag.

This small pommel saddle bag is made from 600 denier weather- and uv-resistant, PVC-backed polyester, and the heavy-duty zipper keeps your belongings safely contained. Like all other TrailMax products, this can be machine-washed and dried.

Features and Specifications:

  • Small, compact design for lower profile
  • Fits in front of the pommel and works on both western and endurance style saddles
  • Two nylon webbing straps with side release buckles for attachment
  • Dimensions: 8"H x 3.5"W x 2.5"D

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Buying another one 2/1/2019
Great little bag. Large enough to hold my camera, snack, curry comb for when the stickers grab the horses, horse snacks, sunscreen, lip balm, etc etc. But still small enough to be unobtrusive for the comfort of the horse and also still allows me to be able to use my mecate and nightlatch. Stays out of the way and stays put at all gaits. I am buying a second one so that I don't have to keep swapping it out on two saddles for two different horses. I would not however put in a cell phone or truck keys in this in case you and your horse become separated for any reason. I don't think it's large enough to hold a water bottle of any size though. Which is ok for me, I have something else for that and knew that this was not for that purpose. I can also use a horn bag along with this when I need to pack more for longer trips. This pommel bag always stays on my saddles though.
Don't drop your phone 2/1/2019
I hate packs on my saddle, but I also hate buying new cellphones because I dropped mine off a horse into a creek. These first world problems are crippling, I know. However, I must say, I am VERY pleased with this little pack. It is just big enough to hold the monster phones we carry nowadays as well as my keys or dog leash. It doesn't fling itself around while cantering (as all the rest seem to), but just stays right where it should in front of my saddle pommel. Downside: if you get orange as I did (because I wanted to see it if I happened to drop it somehow), and your horse sweats (as mine does), it will soon start turning....not orange. I haven't tried washing it. All in all, very pleased!
Pommel Pocket 2/1/2019
I've never been a fan of pommel bags, as I don't care to pack things on the front of the saddle, but this bag is great. It sets in front of the horn and is completely unobtrusive when riding. My snacks are now easy to access, and I don't have to fumble in the saddle bags when we're on the move. It's very well made and I don't know how I got along without it all this time!
Sassy Pantalones
needs dual zipper 2/1/2019
Got this for the pommel of my endurance saddle. It stays put and doesn't bounce. Plenty of room for small items. It would be better if it had dual zipper heads so that I wouldn't have to unzip all the way to the side.
Meredith S
Great product 2/1/2019
Works exactly as the picture shows. It's small, doesn't take up a lot of room on the front of the saddle, easy to open, and I was surprised at just how much I could fit into this. I use it to carry my knife, pepper spray, and stun gun for when I go riding out by myself. I also will put some snack in it depending on how long I will be gone and a treat for my Quarter Horse gelding.
Perfect 2/1/2019
Hooked to his saddle perfectly. Holds the new note 9 in as thick case plus cash and a granola bar. Does not stand out. As in blends in great with saddle. Our son wanted something like all the girls had without looking girly!!!
Dorothy B
Perfect bag. 2/21/2016
This little bag works best if installed on the inside of your saddle horn and pommel. Basically, toward your crouch. This way it doesnt flap on the canter and it is virtually invisible to your fellow riders. It stays snug to the saddle. This bag makes it easy to access your phone, gloves, chap stick, keys, hoof pick, sunglasses or whatever. I dont remember what I did without this bag. Try this bag! Its only 12 bucks. Youll be glad you did.
- Philip Sterling, NM

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