TrailMax Premium Sawbuck Tree

TrailMax Premium Sawbuck Tree
Item Number: WPS211
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Detailed Description

For those who prefer a crossbuck pack saddle over a Decker, but want more strength than a wooden tree can offer, we designed the TrailMax Premium sawbuck pack saddle tree. This tree offers the same durability, strength, and versatility as our TrailMax Decker tree, with high-strength polymer composite bars and stainless steel crossbucks.

The bars are molded from an extremely high-strength polymer plastic. They are shaped in the traditional O.P. Robinette style and fit both horses and mules extremely well.

The stainless steel crossbucks are attached to the bars using threaded inserts that are permanently molded into the bar. There are six screws per iron for optimal stability and strength. We use high quality stainless steel for the arches, which will not easily rust or pit.

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