Wall Tent Fly by Montana Canvas

Wall Tent Fly by Montana Canvas
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Detailed Description

Why do I need a Wall Tent fly?

  1. A Montana Canvas Wall Tent Fly further shields you against rain and snow by protecting the roof of your Wall Tent and extending the dripline an additional 18” from the sides of the Wall Tent so that precipitation will not run down the walls of the tent.
  2. A Wall Tent Fly helps insulate your Wall Tent by preventing heat from escaping through the roof.
  3. A Wall Tent Fly protects the roof of your Wall Tent against damaging ultraviolet rays, as well as interior condensation.
  4. A fly can keep a canvas tent much drier. A damp or wet canvas tent weighs more and will take longer to dry out when you get home.

Why buy a Montana Canvas Wall Tent Fly?

  1. Montana Canvas Wall Tent flies are made from Relite fabric, which makes them lightweight, less bulky and quiet.
  2. They are designed specifically for your tent with a cut out for the stove jack to match your tent.
  3. They have reinforced seams and grommets along the edges for staking the fly out.

Regardless of the size of your tent, style of your tent or material of your tent, we strongly recommend using a fly.

Tent Size

Approximate Weight of Tent Fly

8 x 10

7 lbs

10 x 12

8 lbs

10 x 14

10 lbs

12 x 14

11 lbs

12 x 17

12 lbs

14 x 17

13 lbs

14 x 20

14 lbs

16 x 20

18 lbs

16 x 23

20 lbs

18 x 23

22 lbs

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