When the Woods were Wild: True Stories from the Montana Mountains

When the Woods were Wild: True Stories from the Montana Mountains
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This new book recounts some of longtime Montana wilderness outfitter Steve Hawkins' more memorable experiences from 40 plus years of accompanying folks into the pristine back country of Northwestern Montana and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. From the terrifying-- grizzly bear and mountain lion attacks, suicide and murder, violent storms and ravaging forest fires, the enchanting, even indescribable sunrises and sunsets, mountain meadows and wild flowers, alpine lakes and mountain peaks -- it's in the book. Steve's stories come from miles upon miles in the saddle, recollections of very real events. From pack animals falling into the canyons, to the serenity of wilderness float trips, Steve's life story is certain to entertain and hold the reader captive from cover to cover! But there's more, his story also recounts overcoming incredible obstacles to also achieve success as a sculptor. Paperback, 176 pages, many photographs.

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