SALE 16 x 20 Wall Tent with Window & Rear Door

<b>SALE</b> 16 x 20 Wall Tent with Window & Rear Door
Item Number: WT 1620Z
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Detailed Description

Now 10% off with FREE shipping within the continental US! Sale limited to current supply of 2017 overstock tents only.

Please note that our supply is limited; if we sell out of this tent before we are able to update our website, we will let you know immediately so that we can provide you with all other available options.

Montana Canvas Wall Tents are available in three materials: Relite, 10-oz Canvas, and the Montana Blend, which combines Relite and 10-oz Canvas. Learn more about Wall Tent Materials. All Montana Canvas tent materials are treated to resist mildew, retard flame, repel water and meet the California Fire Marshall specifications. If we do not have the fabric you are looking for in stock, you can still custom order it here. There will be a 3-5 week delivery time (within the US) on non-stock tents.

This in-stock 16' x 20' Montana Blend wall tent includes the following options:

  • Stove jack with a weather flap to fit 5" stovepipe. This stove jack is designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures associated with the use of a single wall stove pipe. Standard placement is inside the front door on the left.
  • Two 7'6" high doors, one on each end, are secured by a heavy duty, trouble-free, plastic YKK zipper with a generous storm flap that is secured by Fastex side release buckles. Tie back straps with side release buckles are also included for holding the doors open.
  • Screened window in the right side wall. The 24" x 30" window opens from the inside. The zipper begins at the lower left and moves up, over and down the right side to open the window. The flap then lays down against the wall out of the way. We recommend that you close all windows before storing your tent. The windo is great for catching a cross breeze through your tent to cool the interior temperature, help dry clothing or clear out smoke or cooking smells.
  • Full length ridge pole reinforcement with additional reinforcement at the gable ends. Each gable end opens to allow the use of a lodge pole frame or to set up the tent on a rope strung between two trees.
  • Reinforced eaves: constructed of a double layer of material, double layer of heavy duty reinforced vinyl and ¼ inch rope. Eaves designed with a flap with a row of grommets for staking out the side walls of the tent.
  • Reinforced end wall seams use six layers of material – double locked stitch.
  • 5' side walls offer plenty of interior room for cots and tables.
  • A sod cloth attaches to the bottom edge of the tent walls extends a generous 12" to provide a weather-tight seal. Compatible with any terrain and weather condition, the sod cloth can be folded inside or extended outside the assembled tent.
  • The bottom edge of the tent walls is reinforced with webbing and designed with grommets instead of sewn-in stake loops to allow you to stake your tent from the inside or the outside. Stakes are not included with the tent; we recommend visiting your local hardware store and buying simple steel nail stakes for the floor. They are very inexpensive and fit through the grommets perfectly.
  • 200' rope and tension adjusters (rope slips) are included. Stakes are not included to allow you to purchase stakes of a material suitable for the ground where you will be camping (see note above).
  • Storage/carry bag of vinyl and canvas are included.
  • Patch kit and a video that shows you how to set up and care for your tent are included.

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