The TrailMax Bow Scabbard Carries and Protects Your Bow on Horseback

Our Production Manager, Ruth Conlin, was unable to find a bow scabbard that met her and her husband’s needs as avid bow hunters. They found that there was nothing more difficult than carrying a bow while riding a horse over rough terrain or dense brush. The need for a bow scabbard that would protect their bows and free them to guide a horse through and around obstacles was clear. Ruth designed a padded bow scabbard that could be used on either The TrailMax™ Bow Scabbard is designed to be used with a compound bow and quiver. It can be used on either side of the saddle and face forward or back.side of the saddle and could face forward or back for complete versatility. The TrailMax™ Bow Scabbard has adjustable straps and is designed to be used with a compound bow and quiver. You can also use our bow scabbard to carry fishing rods and reels in the summer. We make the TrailMax "Protector" Bow Scabbard from 600 denier, PVC-coated polyester line it with 3mm thick closed-cell foam.

Our customers were so pleased with the protection offered by our TrailMax™ Guardian Rifle Scabbard that we developed the TrailMax™ Protector Bow Scabbard for our archery customers. Measuring 40” long and 22” wide, the TrailMax™ Protector Bow Scabbard encloses almost any compound bow in a high-density, closed-cell foam liner shielded with a 600-denier, PVC-coated polyester shell. The open end of the Protector The Guardian Bow Scabbard is made from the same dense, closed-cell foam as our Guardian Rifle Scabbard and will more completely enclose almost any compound bow.Bow Scabbard is secured with an adjustable strap with a side release buckle. Long, heavy-duty straps allow you to attach the bow scabbard to either side of a saddle or to an ATV. The TrailMax™ Protector Bow Scabbard can accommodate both left-hand and right-hand bows.

Ruth and several other staff members from Outfitters Supply™ have been using our bow scabbards for over twenty five years with complete satisfaction. Van Hale at Trophy Outfitters in Springerville, AZ recommends the TrailMax™ Bow Scabbard to all of his archery clients. When Van packs into the Gila Mountains, he is hunting for some of the largest bulls in Arizona and quality gear that he can depend on is an absolute must.

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